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  1. MexiRicer

    Volk Racing Ce28n 17/18

    F/S: Volk Racing Ce28n 17/18 Up for sale is a freshly refinished set of Ce28n in perfect specs for oem body NSX spec with or without a drop. Had them powdercoated in an anodized matte silver finish to try and replicate volk racing titanium silver. The outcome is not spot on but damn close and...
  2. C

    Wheels Want to Buy, Wheels-Aggressive 17/18 or 18/19 stagger and low offsets, AME Preferred

    Want to Buy, 114.3x5 either 17x8'ish low offset (+20'ish) and 18x10.5-11'ish near zero or negative or at least under +15 or +20. Need to clear BBK (isn't that the trick). Preference for JDM, especially AME, and ideally a set of Modelart Priders from AME or other JDM. I'm in Maryland...
  3. Big McLargeHuge

    Exterior WTB: JDM/Acura Taillights

    Reposting since the old WTB thread was sent to the void. Looking for a set of L & R taillights (maybe center lens too), prefer JDM darker lenses, and used if possible for an LED conversion. Prefer no noticeable cracks in lens or badly warped ones. Show me what you got TIA
  4. Big McLargeHuge

    Powertrain Used 5-Speed Transmission & Clutch Parts Grab Bag (JDM Gears, Shims, etc.)

    Presenting several of my leftover parts from my recent 5-speed transmission rebuild and manual swap. Used unless otherwise noted. Most of these will be thrown out or used as wall ornaments if they don't sell. Willing to ship from ATL, buyer pays for their desired shipping method, don't worry...
  5. Big McLargeHuge

    5-Speed Gears & Mainshaft Replacement

    Greetings everyone, I'm in the middle of my 5-speed transmission rebuild. It already has the JDM shorter gears for 2-4 installed, and I'm putting in the NSX-R 4.23:1 countershaft, ring gear, and oil pump drive gear as well. I've completely disassembled both main & countershafts for inspection...
  6. Big McLargeHuge

    Big McLargeHuge’s 1990 JDM NSX Adventure Thread

    Hey everyone, I'm Tyler and I’m pretty new to forums in general but wanted somewhere to document my journey with this car, give credit to some long-time members that have already helped me through old forum posts, blogs, FB posts, etc., and hopefully help some current and future owners if they...
  7. HondaDreamS

    Nsx Transmission w/JDM Short Gears and 4.23 NSXR Final Drive installed

    Don't miss out on this chance at the best Performance Upgrade for your NA NSX 1992 Acura/Honda NSX 5 speed Transmission with Full NSXR UpGrades Removed from my USDM 1992 Acura NSX Transmission has the NSXR JDM 2,3,4 short gears installed and NSXR 4.23 Final Drive Kit with Upgraded...
  8. J

    Exterior FS: Spoon sports Aero Mirrors

    Hello all, I have a set of new in the box Spoon Aero side mirrors. These will fit all gen 1 NSX's from 91-05. I only inspected the mirrors for damage once received, but they've never been painted or installed. From Evasive Motorsports: "Light-weight FRP Construction, Paintable to match your...
  9. Big McLargeHuge

    WTB: 5-Speed Transmission w/JDM Short Gears & 4.23 Final Drive

    See actual post below :wink:
  10. Big McLargeHuge

    1995 JDM NSX-T Dates of Manufacture for Importing to U.S.

    Hello everyone, I'm looking into the process to import a 1995 Japanese NSX-T with M/T (edit: not anymore, read below) within a couple of months and I'm trying to learn what months that the '95 Targa began production in Japan to satisfy the 25 year import rule (:mad:) in the U.S. The only info...
  11. Aero Z

    JDM Taillight Center

    Looking for a clean JDM tail light center. PM or text me @ 267 391 6764, thanks
  12. MITA Motorsports

    theNSXshop Sale

    Hi NSX Prime. To kick April off, I'll be doing a 10% off to any purchases made through www.thensxshop.com from March 31st to April 30th. For those who are not familiar with who I am or my webstore, You can get anything between Taillights to NSX-R Parts through theNSXshop. Most parts are...
  13. MITA Motorsports


    Hi NSX Prime, I am a follower on Facebook but not so much on the forums. Some prime users have actually bought some OEM NSX Parts off me, whether it is off Yahoo Auction or from Honda. Just wanting to say hello and feel free to message me if you're looking for something. you can find more...
  14. mwagner10702

    WTB - JDM Honda OEM Airbag

    Looking for a JDM Honda OEM airbag. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks, Mark
  15. jagtiger

    Back Yard Special BYS 02 NSX Type R Hood JDM

    For sale is a 02 Back Yard Special BYS NSXR hood bonnet (non cf). This hood is made to order only in Japan and new will cost around $2600 shipped to US. Kevlar/FRP version is about $4500 with 3 months or so wait. The hood is in great condition and just need to paint to match your nsx. This a...
  16. P

    Rare Momo NSX Type-S/Zagato Design Steering Wheel with Horn Trim Ring

    Very rare and hard to come by Momo NSX Type-S/ZagatoDesign Steering Wheel. I'll include the horn trim ring and screws. In very good condition for the age. $650 obo + shipping & Paypal fees
  17. E

    Exterior Backyard Special Spoiler - Brand New - Extremely Rare

    Brand New - includes mounting hardware Very rare and difficult to get Price: $2250 shipped UPS Ground Insured (+paypal fees or gifted)
  18. C

    Interior NEW JDM Navpod bracket

    SOLD!!! NEW JDM Navpod bracket SOLD!!! NEW JDM NavPod Bracket (actual navpod is not included!) Never used! Shipped to your door for $60 in continental US (AK and Hawaii please inquire about shipping prior to purchasing).
  19. P

    JDM Taillights left, right and center

    Sold, please lock thread. Selling a set of JDM NSX tail lights. Selling left, right and center. In very good condition; no cracks. There is one missing stud on the other tail light. They mount fine. Center light is perfect. Will need new gaskets. Previous owner drilled tiny holes in the lenses...
  20. phryxis

    Spoon Aero Mirrors

    I just became a distributor for Spoon products. These mirrors are in stock at Spoon USA, which is local to me. MSRP: $965 Prime Price: PM me. I'm not supposed to list it, but your price will be cheaper than the group buy that went on a little while ago.
  21. J

    Exterior JDM smoked tail lights - complete 4-piece set with the LED 3rd brake light

    SOLD!!! I have a set of JDM smoked tail lights for sale. It took me awhile to piece this set together and I purchased the left and right tail lights and the 3rd brake light used. They have no cracks and have all the mounting points are intact, since they are used they do have some light...
  22. N

    Suspension Type S Suspension

    Type-S Suspension (New Style Honda JDM) Hi Everyone, I’ve got a used Type-S Suspension for sale. It’s complete and in excellent condition with about 8,000 miles. It lists for $2435. Details below: Factory tune Type-S suspension is a balance between race track performance and streetable...
  23. NSX1145

    NEW! KAROism JDM Floor Mats for US-Spec NSX

    In an effort to continue to bring new parts to market for the 91-05 Acura NSX, our next hot new item is the KAROism Floor Mats from Japan! These are EXCLUSIVELY imported & distributed by SCW Performance. These floor mats are by far some of the highest quality, custom floor mats available...
  24. N-Wing

    Interior WTD: Counsel Switch Panel. JDM, Stock, pieces, whatever.

    I'm looking to piece something together but they are pricy. Pieces are fine. I'm slowly going to build this one up... PM Me please.
  25. NSX1145

    [1st Gen] NSX Spoon Sports Racing Brake Caliper Kit - 4 Pot - In Stock

    Limited Quantity In Stock! Spoon Sports Lightweight Racing Brake Caliper Kit - 91-05 Acura NSX The Spoon 4-pot caliper has been specifically designed and tested for the Acura NSX. Unlike other 4-pot calipers, Spoon calipers are direct fit and are designed to work with the stock brake system...