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Wanted oil filler cap

Are you actually wanting an original from 1991, or would a new OEM one do?
Tim has them:

Surprising that amayama says they're discontinued. Ouch. That seems like a part they'd keep around. (& a part that should have been common to a lot of other Honda's. What in the world could be different about an NSX oil filler cap that they couldn't just grab one from another Honda product?)
If you really want it, I can order it for you.
I need your registration copy to order your parts.
I am in Japan and to order to OEM parts I need your registration to varify Vin number to order parts. Also, if it is Acura (left handed) I need a copy of document that shop can varify car number and then they will order for me.
I have ordered my parts from them over $10k.

If you want to tho