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Watch this

Cool Vid. I like the water splashing and sound effects.
I wouldn't mind putting Osama Bin Laden to that torture for a long time. And then two bullets to the back of his head.
I personally find it repulsive. I don't care about the politics of it, I just think its sad that humans do things like this to each other. We are the most violent creatures on the planet.
I don't agree with torture if a person is merely suspected of being a terrorist. That is a massive violation of their right to trial, right to face their peers and accusers, and right to defend themself.

I absolutely agree with torture if a person is proven and known to be a person that wars against civilians (ie, a TRUE terrorist). They chose the path and now they can walk it to our tune. Have at them, I say. When? I'd say unless they're caught in the act, they still have right to a fair trial. If found guilty, I'd say do whatever we want to them. I couldn't care less. Anyone that kills civilians deserves everything they're getting.

How about they make a movie where mentally delayed kids are strapped with explosives, sent into a market, and then detonated by their handler? Or maybe they could do one where a suicide bomber prays his last prayer, then walks into a family restaurant and completely destroys it (and the civilians inside)? It would certainly balance the equation this movie is trying to develop...

That said, I know that what the USA is using on "terrorists" now will be more widely used against the general population in the near future, so perhaps I'm just shooting myself when I say all this. They've been trampling on our rights for years as it is, just not quite to the extent they're doing it to"terrorists" (or terrorist suspects).
So Klayton you posted the link, what do you think?