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Water in my trunk+Tail lights :(

13 October 2009
I opened my trunk yesterday, and there was a lot of moisture. My CD changer is all wet, and im not sure if it will work anymore. Also there is condesation in my tail lights. Is there a way to remove the lense, and blow them out? Why could there be water in my trunk? Do I need some kind of seal?
Water in your trunk is due to poor taillight gaskets between the taillights and the trunk metal. The ghetto fix is to remove them and apply a silicon bathroom sealant to keep the water out. Or just buy a set of new gaskets.
Change the seals in your taillight.

While your doing that check you main trunk seal.

Here some diagrams to help you.

Taillight (gaskets No:10 & 12)

Main trunk seal: (NO: 18)
You might want to check beneath the trunk carpet and under where the OEM toolkit is as there may be stagnant water trapped under there. If that is the case, like they said up top, check the gaskets on the tail lights and definatley check for any leaks around the trunk gasket and any other holes or leaks.
If you do a search you will find a ton of information on this. You actually have two problems:

1. The gaskets between the taillight assemblies and the car body need to be replaced.

2. The seam along the top of the taillights has opened up with age and needs to be sealed up - silicone sealant is the ghetto way to do this, but it works well. Ask me how I know...

The problems is NOT the gasket around the perimeter of the trunk.
Another place for water to enter can be the antenna mounting, although that's pretty rare. Your case seams to definitely be the tailights, but you never know if another leak is contributing. A leak there could just run down the inside of the outer fender, or it could run along the antenna cable and into the trunk. (Murphy's Law will give a hint as to what path the water will choose.)

Make sure that the chrome antenna nut hasn't worked loose (or whatever type mounting nut is used if your antenna is not OEM). I would NOT use silicon rubber there, but I would use a heavy glob of silicon grease on the rubber seal then reseat it, and wipe off the excess.