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Weekend Drive with a surprise

27 November 2002
I met up with some friends at Detailing Dynamics this past weekend for a drive. Few of the guys was having some work done there so we met there to pick up there cars and head out for a spirited drive of Long Island. DD of coarse supplied coffee and dunkin doughnuts while we waited for the cars to be finished. Along on the drive was a turbo S , 911 cab , three Challenge Stradales , two 360's , one 355 spyder , lotus Elise. Lotus belonged to one of the 360 owners who was picking up his car. Eddy from DD had to drive the Elise home for the customer, im sure he hated that :rolleyes:
On our drives we usually pick up cars that like to join in and follow us. On this drive we was graced with the presents of a Ford GT. Well here are some pics.

Very nice Bailey, that Elise looks good.
That run looks like it was fun this past weekend, Bailey. Very nice cars. Interested in setting something up before the winter weather kicks in? :biggrin:

BTW, is your AC cold again?
Nice run Bailey.....did the guy with the Ford bust any control arms :D:D
Acura NsX Pilot said:
It was harder getting in then it was gettting out. Did you get a new ride yet by the way ?

That's funny, I would've thought it would be the opposite. Put a deposit on a 3.2 NSX-T to answer your question. I'll PM you later, we need to grab Jack and take a run out to Pace's for some steaks.
- Jon