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Weekend Roadtrip: Drive the Three Sisters

4 December 2014
Houston, TX
My girl and I are headed out to drive the "Three Sisters" this weekend and check out the sites along the way. Plan is to leave Houston on Friday afternoon and spend the night near Kerrville or Medina. Maybe spend a night out at Camp Wood as well. Will be driving back Sunday.

Anyone else going to be out there? Or have any suggestions on places to visit? So far I have:

1. Stonehenge II by Hunt
2. Motorcycle Museum in Vanderpool (I have a bike also so this will be interesting to me)
3. Motorcycle shop in Leakey
4. Lost Maples State Park
5. Camp Wood
6. Wineries

If there is a meet in Austin or San Antonio I could be convinced to swing by as well. Just going with the flow this weekend.

I've done the Sisters. Beautiful drive. Watch out for dips in the road if you are lowered at all. You'll clear at a slower speed.
I have been wanting to do this drive for a long time so looking forward to it. I have heard parts of the roads are in a "free range" cattle section so no fences plus cattle guards in the road. Definitely won't be driving at night.

As far as ride height, I am on Bilsteins on lower perch which hasn't been a problem for me anywhere yet.

I will check messages incase someone else takes a drive or will be in area. Later.
Well, the trip was a blast. If anybody hasn't driven these roads you are missing out on some awesome driving. Wow, haven't been on roads this good since hitting Hwy 1 and mountain roads in Cali.

A few post trip tips for anyone interested.

1. Check out the Motorcycle museum in Vanderpool, it doesn't look like much from the outside but you walk in and damn they have bikes in there back from 1915 on up. Crazy old Indians, BMW, and Norton to name a few.

2. Hiking Los Maples State park was a good way to stretch the legs and it was really nice.

3. Stonehenge II was so weird to see. Now I can say I have driven my car to Stonehenge.

4. If your taking a girl with you then definitely hit up the wineries in Fredericksburg. You just can't go wrong with that.

5. Most importantly definitely don't drive these roads at night. Between the deer, sharp curves, cliffs, etc you are just asking to be added to the list of fatalities.



Yes that's the route. I have a bike too and wanted to test it out in the NSX before trailering the bike out there. You definitely need to do this drive. I would also add Hwy 16 between Kerrville and Medina. That route has steep incline/declines and switchbacks so tight you better be doing the 10-15mph the signs say or off the cliff you go. And I also remember there being a guy setup on the roadside after one of the better turns taking pictures of people driving by with a website on signs for you to buy the photos later.

Simply said...take a weekend and do these roads.