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weird gauge lights problem

11 May 2003
Midland, TX
A few days ago, when I started my car, I thought I smelled a whiff of an electrical burning smell, but it went away quickly. I went driving and everything was normal. Today, when I got in and turned the key, I noticed that the ABS, TCS, SRS, and EPS lights are all out. No light at all from those bulbs in any key position, engine on or off. The car runs fine and all the other indicator lights and dials work correctly, including the turn signal and hi-beam lights, which are directly adjacent to the four non-working lights.

I looked at all the fuses and they’re all fine. I pulled the instrument panel to have a look inside and it all appears normal. I tested the ABS, TCS, SRS, and EPS lights individually and they all work. Weird!

Any ideas? Is there a wire, a relay, or some hidden fuse that affects only those 4 lights?
Well, just in case anybody else runs into this problem... I opened up the instrument pod and a fly dropped out of the PC board area. Coincidence? I also found a fried circuit trace. The trace is very thin, so it might have been meant to blow if the fuse didn't blow. I added a bypass and everything worked fine again.

And for those of you requesting photos of my car, you can find a few from the SoCal BBQ a few weeks ago.



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