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what color!!

10 May 2000
help!! =) i cant decide what color i want to get...im lookin at gettin a 91, but i dont know what color! red/black looks good, but i dont like the 2tone paint, but black/black is hard to keep clean and i dont think it shows the cars curves very well...but silver/black is cool, but seems to be very rare(same with white/black) AHHHHH! i dont know what to get! i dont wanna get a color then wish i had gotten something else! HELP! i need some convicing!


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You can always painmt the roof and B-pillars to match the body
Red, red is good. I'm biased to yellow but it was not available in '91. Never Silver, I think silver does not do justice to our cars, it just looks so . . . ordinary! Black is good too, but it's so hard to keep clean and the scratches really do stand out. White is also good. Whatever color you get, I can assure you - you'll like the car.
hey hey,

My honest opinion: White! Get white with a black top, then get white mags! J-spec NSX-R!!..well kinda. Oh, and you'd need red seats. It's very impressive imo. Silver is also good.

Silver. Period. Don't argue with me on this please cus my mind is set
ya i like silver, it just seems hard to come by...been looking in the classifides and on the web and havent come across one thats in my price range(below 31k)
I've owned a silver and a green NSX,so of course I'm biased (in the subjective world of colour choice, who isn't?).
Still, I live in Toronto Canada, and there are usually a few NSX's to choose from(I had my choice of about 4 colurs each time I made my purchase).Heres my 2 cents....
By far and away, the best colour for the car is SILVER. Although not for those that prefer a more understated appearance, no other colour brings out the blunt edges and sleek look of the NSX as boldly as this colour. People used to simply stare at it with their mouths hanging open as I drove by, it was a little creepy actually!!!I even found myself doing the exact same thing on numerous occasions, although I had owned the car for many months, and had driven a few nice cars previously. (ALL my previous 5 cars b4 that silver 91 NSX were black!!)

My current car is GREEN. now let me say that b4 I saw this car I would have confidently bet that green was my LEAST favorite colour (any shade) I had never even seen a green car that appealled to me ...all I can say is WOW, was i wrong about THIS green>>>this paint is FREAKIN gorgeous....incredibly luminecent and distinctive in the sunlight, dark and gleeming at night...I would never have believed it. A lot of my friends who were used to both cars even prefered it over the Silver (sacralige!!!), but I still think of silver as #1.

Of the other colours....unless you have a built in bias towards red or black (like my bias for black)I would advise against those 2 colours altogether,...because they were produced every year and have the highest production run #'s and therefore are the most ( and please forgive the use of this adjective in regards to the NSX)COMMON.

My personel top five are :
2) Green
3) Black
4) yellow
5) Blue

Hope this helped....


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1)Black looks the best as long as you take care of it, but its a big pain in the ass to keep clean, a couple of hours after washing and waxing dust already starts to settle on it. And the constant polishing it needs to look tip top. 2)White is the best for its low matainence, don't see dust on it or swirl marks. But polished up white doesn't really have a great shine to it. 3)Red is the best of both worlds, it has a great shine and is easy to maintain. 4) Silver I don't really care for, leave that color for all the Audi A4s that are out there.
Here's my opinion: (If it matters, Ha)
My favorite is the Monte Carlo Blue. Very rare and holds a DEEP gloss! Especially looks good with alloy/chrome from the exhaust and wheels. White is cool but doesn't seem to hold the shine of other colors. Red is always a good choice- the color of exotics. Let's face it- any color is good on a NSX!