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What do you guys think of a '92 auto NSX

16 June 2000
I know one day that I will get an NSX, it's only a matter of time. So I was thinking that the best car that would fit me would a early '92 model auto......(for the convience). What do you guys think about this peticular car? I know the torque of both the manual and auto are the same. Also as soon as I get I'll paint the sides and roof to match color, and put 2000 NSX rims and tires........White was the color I wouldn't mind getting......
If you want the convenience of an automatic car, then go for it! You should be able to get an automatic car for several thousand dollars less than a comparable manual car.
OTOH the manual transmission car will accelerate much quicker than the automatic, and the manual will also be much easier to re-sell.

If you really want a car with a manual transmission, then don't get the automatic. Don't settle for anything other than your first choice. I've known too many owners who bought a transmission or color that wasn't exactly what they wanted, then later traded it in for their first choice, losing money in the process.
Get a stick!! Would you buy a Cadillac with a 6-spd? This car is easy to drive in traffic. Besides, you'll be so busy looking at the expressions on people's faces, as they try and figure out what king of car you are driving, to even realize that you are stuck in traffic.

My $.02
I agree with the comment that you should get what you really want. For me I decided on the auto because I use my car for work. Driving in traffic and talking on the phone with a stick is impossible - I tried it with my M3.

BTW I had a little fun racing with a 91 Ferrari 512TR through the wine country here in Oregon. My "auto" did pretty well as went through the turns. I'd down shift/brake into the turns around 65 and punch it and shift out into 3rd around 80.

I don't know if the guy didn't know how to drive but I could of easily passed him in the turns. He wasn't very happy when we got to the freeway as he didn't pull over to talk and just waved me by.

So while the manual is a hell of a lot of fun and I found myself "always" racing through the gears when I test drove some different, I'd really evaluate how your going to use the car. I wish Honda would come out with something like the 360 Mondena. I got to ride shot gun in one and was totally blown away with the electro-hydraulic F1 gearbox.
Originally posted by NSXdreamer:
Auto NSX competing with a Ferrari? Awesome, is there anything this can't do?

Given equal drivers an NSX will beat any of the 3x8 Ferraris, which are not really that fast by today's standards, but not a 512TR. But I don't think most people buy Ferraris (or new NSXs) to street race.

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