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What Every Do-It-Yourselfer Wants for His Birthday

wonder how many HP does that roll-away has. please give us the spec on 0-60 time. :D
What no "Kitchen Sink"
NetViper said:
What about a group buy :)

That's a great idea. We need all NSXPrime members to contribute $15 each and then we can buy one set. Then each member will get his or her one day of use once every 8 or so years!:D
Many if not most professionals have at least that much invested in their tools, some considerably more. Buying it all at once is something else.
Buying it all at once is something else

Yeah, that is what I mean. My father has been collecting tools for many years and probably has that much, if not more, all together. But biting off that much at one time...whew !!