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what exhaust is good that performs well that is not to loud

The comptech gives decent performance and it nearly as quiet as stock. Might be just what you are looking for.
The RSR is the only NSX exhaust I have heard (other than stock) that I would call quiet. The Comptech may not be the loudest out there, but it is significantly louder than stock or the RSR.

I'd sell you my RSR, but I have a sale pending. My RSR has been replaced with an Anytime Race Exhaust because I wanted something louder.

It sounds like the RSR is what you want. It is quiet at idle, it has no drone on the freeway, and it has a nice growl at high RPM.
flowmaster! best bang for the buck.. i got mine custom made..
i used my 3" mandrel bent piping from my RM exhaust, and slapped a FM muffler on there.. sounds sweet, not that loud, no res in the cabin, and it ROARS at VTEC.. all for a whopping total of $180!!
Is there any good sound clips of a Comptech exhaust?? SOS doesn't have any Comptech clips on their website. I have used the search, and there are none that come up. It seems that it is one of the more popular choices, but there is no sound clips anywhere. Please help if possible.

Chris at SOS has been very helpful with clips for the Tiatec lightweight, but I would like to hear a Comptech before I buy.
I've heard Comptech, Anytime, Flowmaster, Magnaflow, and RM exhausts on a NSX, but I personally think the HKS exhaust is the "more quiet" one out of the bunch as it still sounds throaty but is more mellow. I haven't heard the RSR exhaust on the NSX but I've heard RSR exhausts on other cars (Preludes, Civics w/B-series, Integras) and it's also very quiet and mellow sounding, similar to HKS. I used to have a Magnaflow muffler on my NSX and oh man, it was so loud when driving that I really didn't care for it that much. Although I would have to admit that it sounded nice in 3rd gear flying by people on the freeway with the windows rolled down :biggrin: .

For my HKS exhaust, performance-wise, I doubt I gained much extra power out of it but the main things that I wanted out of a good exhaust on my NSX was a good name (good quailty welds & piping), something mellow but louder than stock, and something that looked clean when on the car (and the name 'HKS' sounds cool too :biggrin: ). If I didn't find a HKS system, then I would've gotten the RSR one from a guy here locally when he was selling his.
I have the RSR exhaust and I think it's pretty quiet. I've actually creeped up on people walking in parking lots in gear (and I'm talking for like 50 feet) not knowing I was right behind them, it's that quiet! Between 0-4500 RPMs it's pretty quiet, but once you get past 4500 RPMs the exhaust note picks up quickly and has a pretty nice growl (which I wouldn't describe as deep or throaty.)

For me it is a good exhaust because when you want to be low key and just drive around town it's not that loud. But it's there at higher RPMs when you just want to punch it and turn some heads.
i would like to take time out to thank you guys on being so informative on what exhaust to get after reading what you guys have to say it seems like i am going to get the rsr, or the hks i know its a exhaust i can depend on as far as quality....by the way anyone from orange county that wants to start up like a nsx cruise night maybe once a month......
I have an RM Racing Exhaust (dual tips), and although it's pretty loud and throaty, I love the sound. When I first got the car, I had heads peaking out the windows at work, because people with outside offices heard it. Like I said, it's a little loud, but it's a performance car loud, and not a rough loud (if that makes sense).
ocnsxer said:
new nsx member just wondering if theres anyone out there that can recommend any good performance exhaust.........

Taitec GT Lightweight exhaust.

Sounds good and fairly quiet to me for non oem exhaust.

I am installing Taitec GT Lightweight exhaust in a few weeks. It was a long search for me, certainly a very tough decision. As there are so many exhaust available for NSX, all of them sounded great.

Hearing GT Lightweight in person 3 separate times in 3 different NSXs help a lot with my decision. Autowave also recommended Taitec GT Lightweight.
I have Comptech on my '96 and although I'd like it to be a bit louder, I'm certainly happy with it. It's not too loud, but has a nice deep throaty sound at idle a low rpms. The build quality on the Comptech is very good. A friend has the Tubi on his car and I like it a lot.

I know this is off the subject of a quiet exhaust, but if I were in the market for after-market exhaust again, I'd probably choose one that is louder than the Comptech. There are times while driving that I wished my exhaust were more "offensive" (in a positive way)! :smile: