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what holds the WW front lip on?

1 February 2002
San Dimas, CA
Going to get it painted finally, was wondering what holds this on the front bumper? I see some double sided tape I think on both right and left ends, anything else?

Only because the body shop is not that experienced with NSXes but does good paint for the $$....

Just the 2-sided tape. Although you may want to swap it out for the good 3M stuff.

Also, two screws tap into the leading edge of the inner front fender.
A word of advice ...... take you time lining the lip up before pulling the backing off the tape and I would suggest getting help if you are doing this alone. If you have the old style lip on the bottom which is straight all the way across. I used this piece as guide when I had mine installed. I would even suggest using blue painters tape as a guide by mapping it out on the car first.