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What If Only Wanted To Have A JDM 2nd Gear?

10 December 2006
I don't race my car & I've never even dropped the clutch in the 12 years I've had the car but I'm about to change my clutch and fix a very slight 3rd gear grind. I've already purchased all the parts, including low mile complete transmission internals. I have all the internals as a backup for when the transmission will be opened & which ever parts look like they have the least amount of wear will go in the transmission before closing it up.

Now, I find the cost of the JDM short gears too be too expensive to add on the parts that I've already purchased, even with buying from www.Amayama.com. If I find the only thing that annoys with me slightly with this car during regular driving (no racing), is when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. So let's say I ONLY wanted to improve that, what parts would I ended for my 1994 5 speed? I'm guessing 2nd and 3rd JDM short gears?

What else? Part #'s would be great.

By chance nobody would have a 4.55 R&P lying around?


**edit** *P/N's found here https://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/Performance/gears.htm
Parts List For "Short Gears"
23210-PR8-020, main shaft (contains 1st and 2nd gear) (22,200 Yen)
23441-PR8-020, 3rd gear for mainshaft (6,100 Yen)
23451-PR8-010, 4th gear for mainshaft (6,100 Yen)
23581-PR8-020, 5th gear for mainshaft (6,100 Yen)
23421-PR8-020, 1st gear (3.071) for countershaft (7,300 Yen)
23431-PR8-010, 2nd gear (1.952) for countershaft (6,600 Yen)
23471-PR8-000, 3rd gear (1.400) for countershaft (5,000 Yen)
23481-PR8-000, 4th gear (1.033) for countershaft ( 5,000 Yen)
23461-PR8-000, 5th gear (0.771) for countershaft (3,900 Yen)
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What path or solution did you end up with?