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what kind of foglights do u have on your X?

24 July 2000
I want to get some, but I want it so that they're wired to the parking lights instead of the headlights... so I could drive around with just the parking lights and foglights on... this isnt too hard is it?
I don't have foglight either, but they are next on my wish list. I haven't seen another NSX with aftermarket foglights that I like and the factory ones are too expensive.

As for wiring them, it is very easy to tie the foglights into the parking light circuit. All you need is a relay and access to one of the wires that provides +12v when the parking lights are on. I would think the easiest wire to access is the one for the parking lights next to the directionals (or maybe the side marker lights). And with the batter located up front, this will make the install even easier. I think you could follow the directions that come along with any foglight kit, but instead of getting power from a dash mounted switch, you would simply tie into the parking light wire for +12V. The only issue I see with using your parking lights as the switch is that you can never turn them off.

There are a few companies that sell remote control activated foglamps. This is also an option that requires no drilling of the dash. Hope this helped.
I have PIAA 980. And wired independently to ignition.

Oh yeah I meant to say to have an on/off switch too though.. so that you can run with the parking lights on and the foglights off if you want.... so all u'd have to do is add a switch in the curcuit between the foglamps and the parking lights...