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What kind of intake is this?

I dont know but it looks alot like something that AEM would make. It looks like a basic tube with a standard K&N filter at the end. I bet you could buy something just as nice directly from K&N.
If that intake is from RM Racing then it must be the first one they ever made. I've never seen an RM Racing air intake made out of anything but carbon fiber. It almost looks "home made". I have been looking into my own design for an intake and I could build one like that for about $70 with a universal K&N cone filter.

K&N makes an intake for the NSX called the EFI Kit Part #57-3502 and sells for approx. $170. This is the intake I'm going to look into getting. If any of you know where there is a photo of this intake let me know. You can also buy the K & N stock replacement filter for about $58 (Part #33-2713) if you just want to retain the factory air box but want to increase airflow.
Hey Chris and AK,
I have the same cone filter as the rm racing but not the carbon fiber tubing...I got my filter at NSX modified in Huntington Beach , cA. Probably someone replaced the tubing for me not sure....
Looks like whoever did your intake removed the "accordian style" intake air duct and replaced it with an aluminum tube and silicone sleeve adapter. I like the look of RM's air intake but I still can't justify spending an extra $200 for a carbon fiber tube. There's really no benefit besides the "look" of carbon fiber. Besides the tube, the only other parts are the filter, hose clamps, and the silicone sleeve adapter which would run you maybe $80.

Just curious. What did NSX Modified charge you for the intake, not including installation?
Hey Chris,
You are probably right, the carbon fiber tubuing is probably replaced...BTW my intake is a used one...LARRY, the owner, only charged me 120 (if I remembered correctly) for installation and everything...that is a really good price I think...I was originally thinking bout getting the GRUPPE M airfilter(the crazy looking one), but I heard that you have to take of the back engine cover to avoid rattling , and also the air filter alone won't give you that much HP anywaz.....so it really dosen't matter what intake you get...if you want me to look for a intake for you, tell me....I willl call up LArry to check if he has any intakes aviable with good pricing....where you live anywaz, chris?
That looks very similar to the RM intake I have. Mine is steel and not carbon fiber as well. I think they used to produce both, but now only do the carbon fiber one.

I think it looks jus fine.


couldn't resist.

sorry, that's the best angle I have on the intake. It's an RM Racing and as you can see, it's steel.
DAMMIT.... you noticed.

Larry has a polished one sitting on the table in his shop, just waiting for me to pick it up. I was there yesterday, but he was too busy (getting Doug's car to start) and preparing for the Vegas trip. One of these days it shall be mine.