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WHat the hell H4's on NSX

First of all, these are H4 replacement bulbs. They are not a true HID system. They say "HID xenon gas bulbs" - so they contain the same kind of gas as an HID system, but they don't have the ballasts and igniters and so forth that a real HID system has. They remind me of the old Firesign Theater routine, in which a car salesman claimed that the car he was selling contained "factory air-conditioned air from our fully air-conditioned factory".

Also - they use an NSX for their picture, but the NSX is notably absent from their list of cars that use these bulbs. (The '91-01 NSX uses size 9005 and 9006 bulbs, which are not the same as the H4.)

Nothing to get excited about. Just the usual semi-misleading eBay presentation.
I suspect that these are the same bulbs that I put on my Accord, $24.99 each retail. They are about 20-25% brighter than the stock
halogens, but they aint no HID's.
H4 is used in in the JDM market on the NSX, and is found in other Asian countries as well. It also may be used in the Euro market.

-- Chris


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You're saying that the JDM NSX uses a different headlight bulb than the US version? Ever since '91? (I wasn't aware of that.) Are the headlight units (the outer lenses etc) the same?

Is the '02 the first year the JDM NSX is using HID lights?
H4 is a combo high/low beam lamp
Its popular amongst late-model non-HID Euro cars that have integrated headlamps

some US-market cars use the 9004 bulb, which is also a combo hi/lo bulb... the "Euro" versions substitute an H4 bulb (brighter and more efficient beam pattern)
Originally posted by cojones:
H4 is a combo high/low beam lamp

Then the entire headlight unit must be dramatically different. Ours (in North America) contains lens elements to direct the light received from two different projector beam lamps. If the JDM version uses a single combination high/low beam lamp, then obviously it would have to focus the light differently.

Thanks for the info.

P.S. Sorry you couldn't make it on Saturday - we missed you.
Correction. It's H1 not, H4. Both the low and high beams use the H1 bulbs on the non-North America NSXes (although I'm unsure about which markets besides USD use H1).

-- Chris


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Yes, Chris is right: H1. I once ordered from Mark J. US bulbs and they did not fit my nsx... that Dali people always find a way to fraud you!

Disclaimer: I am in a VERY good commercial relationship with Mark so I can joke on that...
So, to wrap this up...
Is there a non-HID system bulb out there that can improve the brightness without buying a
$500+ HID system?

My NSX lights plain suck. If there were any replacement bulbs that are brighter,
I would like to know.
That's odd, I think the stock NSX headlights are actually pretty good for a conventional (non-HID) lighting system. Perhaps you are comparing them with another car's HID system?

I think most of the aftermarket bulbs on the market only change the color of the light, rather than the quantity. Furthermore, many of them involve tinting of the glass, which only reduces the amount of light that is given off. You can increase the amount of light by using higher-wattage bulbs but that can be risky for the wiring of the lighting system.

Increasing lighting is like adding power; everyone wishes there were a "magic bullet" that made a big difference and didn't cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, you usually get what you pay for.
I just installed HID low beams from autolamps-online. They do produce more light, but in retrospect I would have been satisfied with the origional lights. I thought they were excellent, and of course i'm using the origional high beams; they light up the road like flame throwers.

I put 100 watt "blue plasma, HID wannabe" bulbs in my Porsche 928 and took them out almost immediatly. The blue tint actually cut down on the light, and the color blue was not at all like real HID's and, for me, made the road harder to see.


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First I bought some "plasma HID XENON" 80W with a lifetime warranty from ebay for $7.95 + ship. My friends said they looked cool when they saw me. Driving however is another story. I couldn't see more than 20 feet in front of my car. They sucked ass as far as function. The Manufacturer said check the bulb allignment... That was BS
On the other hand, I bought "PIAA" super whites 51W. These bulbs were definitely whiter (5500K) seems like and a little brighter than the stock which was already bright. I am very satisified with the performance and color.