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What.. why... NO! No NSX deserves this fate!

25 April 2007
So Cal
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I can see the advert now.. "minor bolster wear on the passengers side, also a few dents again on the passenger side".

I was just hoping she'd fall off the side!

No NSX deserves this fate... :mad:
She could have atleast taken her top off.

I say this every time I watch a female sportscaster. So, yes that would have made it more interesting for sure....and I am a pig.
Sitting of the side of the door ready to drop - fools!

And sorry, but glad she didn't take anything off - actually she could have done with more layers to cover up actually...

Sorry, just shocked by the foolishness of it all.
For some reason, I just wanted to see him whip the wheel to the right and watch her slide right off the door, across the street, into the soft green grass.
This shit is f#cking horrible. I wasn't so much shocked that she was shitting on the door. I was more shocked that her dumb ass didn't fall out of the cars. Now that would of been worth watching.
Is that music taken from somewhere else? I could have sworn that beat was in another song...at first i thought a bit of it sound like a toned down version of "White Wedding" by Billy Idol, but it's not...

Any ideas?
Music used for the Night at the Roxbury skit might have been more appropriate. :tongue: :biggrin: