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What your car says about you. ver II

17 May 2004
London Ontario
This is from Europe, and is all in good fun...

http://members.cox.net/m.r.lipp/What your car says about .htm

If I add all of my cars up, I'm an impotent sole trader with a small penis substituted with my car, who can't drive but slows down to 85 in school zones and am waiting to completely divorce my proceedings (whatever that means). :biggrin:
Apparently I'm impotent and will beat you up if you ask me for an autograph.
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Ouch. Don't want to go there.:eek:
Apparently I'm an impotent train spotter. :tongue:
I have the worst combo.

NSX - I'm Impotent.:eek:
Porsche 911 - I have a small p*nis, my car is my subst*tute.:eek:
Mazda MX5 - I do not fear being decapitated by an 18- wheeler.:eek:
I have just graduated with no credit and stuck in the 80's and i never eat my greens.

I’m far too old to be driving this, but at least the women I pull aren’t.

:D hey this isn't a bad one lol... although I am young, 21, lol