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What's your "PIMP" name?

Big Playah Brooks Shmoove
Devious Honey M. Dogg
Bishop Don Michael Love
Reverend Brooks Flex

are some of them. I don't think i'll be legaling changing my name just yet....

but i could use a "pimp cup" YYEEAH
Reverend Doctor Trevor Silk

I'm trippin dudes!
D. Magical Derek Flow :biggrin:
Treacherous E. Sneed
Crazy Eyes E. Skillz
Mr. White Chocolate Patrick Skillz----- how they know I be white mang
G. Digital P. Dazzle

Bitch betta have my $
Thug life livin, west side till ya die!!!

Im gonna order two of those cups for my upcoming wedding. Im sure she will be thrilled!!!! :redface: :biggrin:
I got Papa M. Love, Sheik Lex Loco, Tricktickler Mickey Gates, Sugartastic M. Loco, President M. Wicked. Ok. Back to work.
So far I have a choice...

Papa M. Flava
Magic Tickle. Michael Large
Trick Magnet Michael Dogg

Hours of fun for the whole family.... :biggrin:
AU_NSX's a baaaaad boy.

Hey "papa" flava, i tried your name and got <B>AU_NSX</B>. :confused: I guess you're Australia's only NSX pimp, right? :D

From now on, I am known not as Neo but "Ghetto Fabulous nsx Rockefeller". <IMG SRC="http://www.nightly.net/ubb/graemlins/pimp.gif"> You dig? :D

I also got:
Papa N. Flow (are we related mike?)
Macktastic Neo Skillz
Magic Tickle. Neo Flex