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Wheels that don't need spacers

LOL I just liked the style of wheel. The link takes you to a list of the sizes. I just wanted to make sure they have the correct size.
Need to understand a few things first.
1) What year is your car?
2) What brakes do you have? Are they OEM brakes?

Realize that the 1991-1996 brakes are smaller than the 1997-2005s. The smaller brakes of the 1991-1996 cars typically have trouble with the caliper carrier bracket hitting the back sides of the spokes (in the area closest to the hub). This is mainly because the wheel spokes are so "flat" and don't have the curvature needed to clear the brakes (or caliper brackets). A spacers is therefore needed to give the extra clearance.

From purely a size, offset and fitment standpoint, the best sizes of the wheel you listed for the NSX are as follows:
18x8, 5x114.3, Offset 38
Tire: 215/35/18

19x9.5, 5x114.3, Offset 30 or 38 (The 30 offset will be more "flush" with the fender, the 38 will be more recessed)
Tire: 275/30/19 or 265/30/19
I am having a hard time trying to figure out what wheels I can buy that don't need spacers. Someone said I could get the 505. I know I want 18 in the front and 19 in the back. From the link what would I buy and would they need spacers?



Hey I went with the 508s which are similar in design to the 505. I did 38f and 30r fit perfectly and give the car a very aggressive look. I'm lowered on custom coilovers and have zero rubbing at full lock. I know that has more to do with tire sizes and brands but the wheels are nice and fairly lightweight!
Oh I can send you pics if you like.
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