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Wheels to clear Brembo BBK

8 May 2005
Halifax, Nova Scotia
I have just bought a '99 with Brembo BBK on the front only. The car has 18/18 with 225 35 18 on front (at least 8" wide front rims). The car is lowered (1" I think) and i get frequent rubbing when cornering under load and hit any significant bumps. I am looking for advice on replacing them with 17/18 or '02 OEM. I understand that i need 39 mm wheel to caliper for Brembo clearance. I favour the '02 OEM (or '94-'01 but i suspect that the inner diameter is insufficient). Can someone advise as to whether '02 wheels will work with a spacer and if so what size?

Many thanks.
1. which kit do you have (what color is the caliper)

2. yes, the stock 17" (2002+) wheel will fit. Once you get this wheel, you can measure using the template from Brembo (shown on our website) to determine what spacer will be required (my guess is 5 or 15mm).

If you like the stock 2002+ wheel, we have several other wheels in stock as well that would not require you to use a spacer.

take care,
-- Chris