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Where does 60 plus nsx’s rank nationally for cars & coffee, weekly or monthly shows..

30 April 2017
Los Angeles
Where does 60 plus nsx’s rank nationally for cars & coffee, weekly or monthly shows..

February 18’s first annual NSX Super Car Sunday at the Westfield Mall in Woodland Hills ca. attracted over 60 nsx’s..from Palm Springs to Santa Barbra..Six we’re 2nd generation..For an event that almost didn’t happen and with little notice it wasn’t a bad showing. I was wondering other than planned dedicated nsx meetings how does this rank in terms of numbers vs other shows..Dustin, the show organizer and founder, was quite Leary of featuring nsx’s because of the 250-400 cars that show up weekly there’s usually only 1-3 nsx’s..but Dee a well connected nsx owner had been working on him for over a year to have the nsx featured, couldn’t blame Dustin’s hesitating with so few nsx’s showing up weekly but the look on his face at 7:10 am while filming over 35 nsx’s, with a Long line entering the show was pretty funny..So I asked him what did he think..To paraphrase him ‘’this is unbelievable, by 7 o’clock there was a line out to the street..I asked him will there be another show next year and he infatically replied..Absolutely..This is now an every year event!!
Of the 11 shows yearly they’ll feature Lambo’s, Ferrari’s pre 70’s euros ect, Leno shows up quite a bit, but the sheer number of nsx’s may of out numbered them all..next year should be interesting.
After the show there was a 20 mile ride to a state of the art detailing shop called Lavaggio, which looked more like a 5 star Hotel in France than a detailing shop..everyone got lunch and $75 gift certificate. The only down side was a Police sting on Mulholland, about 10 of us got ticketed for no front license plates, I hope SOS has plenty in stock..
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I’m usually the only NSX owner at my local C&Cs. I’d drool at a meet full of NSXs.
What a great showing. Shoot...I think there may have been a past NSXPO with fewer NSXs. Lol.
Sadly, this wasn't even posted to NSXPrime before the event....

More proof farcebook is killing Prime:frown: