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Who here works for Skymall?


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23 January 2001
So, I was on a Southwest flight yesterday, and browsing through the Skymall magazine. Something looked strangely familiar, and I did a double take, and indeed it was what I thought it was. There has to be an NSX owner who works there and slipped that in. :biggrin: Anyone here?


I wish my car came with that kind of key (or the titanium one).
I know some of the upper management there. The company I work for has a couple pages in there. I try to get my mug in there when I can. Too bad manufacturers usually already have good photography. That page you posted is from a reseller. SkyMall only sells a small portion of the products in their mag. Most products are sold through paid partners, so someone at Mobile Edge probably has an NSX.
so go buy it. that key can be had for >$20 at the dealer :D

Judging from his avatar, he has an '02+, which means only the immobilizer keys will work on his car. :tongue:
I saw that as well on a flight last month. I showed my wife, of course she just laughed at me...
I was vacationing in St Kitts last week and noticed the same thing during my flight back! I intended on posting today! Ben beat me to it! I glad to see others have a good eye!

Nate in DC
When I told my wife I was going to post this on prime, she had the same reaction!

I saw that as well on a flight last month. I showed my wife, of course she just laughed at me...
I was on my way from ATL to Tampa to pick up my NSX......short flight so I browsed the SkyMall....and saw the same thing....I thought it was a good omen...since I was on the way to but a car I never seen in person...
I saw this too last month on our flight back from our honeymoon and pointed it out to my wife! I too told her I was going to post it up here, I brought it home to scan, but just never got around to it. Amazing how something as simple as the key to the car doesn't get by our keen eyes.