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Who would be interested in going to Sacramento Raceway for some 1/4 mile runs?

1 April 2002
Alameda, CA, USA
Once in awhile I get this urge to run my car to see what I can personally turn in the 1/4 mile. So far my best is a 13.258 at 106.335 mph with a 0-60' time of 2.067. I just recently switch out my exhaust and now I have an Anytime Borla exhaust system as well as stickier rear tires.

The best day to go is on Friday's as they have a test and tune session. Sometimes they have it all day long from 12 noon to 10pm which will cost $100 per car/driver. If you want to go in the evenings, they open at 5pm and start testing at 6pm to 10pm and that cost is $45 per car/driver and $10 per spectator. The last time I was out there, I had 12 runs from 6pm to about 9pm.

Another option is to go on a Saturday night from 6pm to 10pm. This is their Grudgefest where the cost is only $35 per car/driver and $5 per spectator. I am assuming there will be more people and cars and this is open to any car with mufflers on it. The only Saturdays for this is May 21, June 4, July 2, July 16, August 20, October 1 and October 29. I think that a Saturday would be best since Friday afternoon traffic to Sacramento is a nightmare. I vote for June 4th as the temperature won't be that hot yet but that is the day of the NSX luncheon at Hooters. What a great place to meet before we all take a drive up to Sacramento for an extended day of fun.

Here is the link if you want more info. http://www.sacramentoraceway.com/
If you think your car will run faster than a 14.0, then you will need to bring a helmet and wear pants and long sleeve shirt. If your car is faster than 12.0, then you will need to have a full cage rollbar.

I have a couple of friends who want to go so if we can get a few more NSX's out there, it would be great. The other cars are: 2004 E55 and 1994 Lingenfelter Vette.

Please post here if you are interested in going to either race or be a spectator. Be nice to have someone video tape some runs. :biggrin:
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My friend with an 8-second Nova will be making his first shakedown runs at Sac Raceway on next Friday evening, May 20. I'll be there for sure, as a spectator.

Edit: My friend's chassis guys aren't available this weekend, so no Nova... is anyone going to be there tonight to run NSXs?
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Hey guys,
you should PM Prime member "redlinerex" (Paul). He's in Sacramento and I hear he goes to Sac Raceway. He has some pretty low ETs there and may have some advice for you on that strip.

Ahh...Sac Raceway - I used to live in Sacramento and we used to drag with our modded Civics at the raceway back in the early '90's.
I met Paul the last time I was there and he is a great guy and excellent driver. He is very consistent with his launches and times. I was going to contact him when I know when more of us can make it out there.

I am thinking that Saturday's would be better since there is no traffic going to Sacramento and also we can stay out later since the next day is Sunday as some of us work on Saturdays. I haven't been out on a Saturday Grudgefest so I am not exactly sure how they run this but will see if Paul knows anything about it.
Looks like I found you all before you found me. :wink:
I live a few miles away from Sac Raceway so I'm pretty much good to go on any of the days specified. Just let me know what is decided since I don't lurk around this NW forum too often.

Maybe some of the other Sacramento NSXers would be interested in attending too. :biggrin:
hey ted,
you can bring anything that can pass their tech inspection. i'd look at the sac raceway website to review the rules first to make sure. feel free to pm me any specific questions, i am fairly familiar with the rules.
Hi Paul,
I was about to e-mail you this weekend but I am glad you found the thread. I am still trying to decide if I can make it out on June 4th Saturday night as this way I don't have to deal with the Friday afterwork traffic. Have you been to Grudgefest? Is it just like Wednesday night drags or is it similar to test and tune Friday evenings?
Will you be able to make it out to Hooter's to join us for lunch on 6/4/05? Talk to you soon.

Hey Ted,
I am really curious what your SC NSX will turn in the 1/4. Are you considering it? Unless your car breaks the 12 second barrier, you are just fine with a helmet, pants and long sleeve shirt. Hope you will consider going.
I just talked to one of my Vette buddies and he told me there is something big going on at Sacramento Raceway for that weekend and it might be very crowded. From my understanding, Grudgefest is similar to Wednesday night drags so I don't really know how many runs you can get in because there are eliminations as you will be actually competing against others. I guess we will have to figure on another Saturday or Friday.
I am really curious what your SC NSX will turn in the 1/4.

I think you have me confused with someone else. Kip and Brian are seriously SC'd and secretly on the Board of Directors at Comptech. I, uh........ :redface: ......made a deal with the devil, sold my X and well, .........uh, ..............the avatar says it all. But I'm on the Formula Mazda pole at Thunder Hill for tomorrow, so I guess the devil is paying off. :rolleyes:

But some low key Wednesday summer nite at the drags sounds interesting. People tell me they take the family truckster out there on Wednesdays, so a formula car shouldn't raise too may eyebrows.........will it? :confused: