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Who's Red NSX Running around Santa Clarita with Very Nice Dark 7-Spoke OEM Wheels???

27 July 2012
I was going down Soledad Canyon the other day and spotted a red NSX with what looked like '94 7-Spoke OEM rims.

However, they were not bright silver, they looked more like a dark, graphite color. Very nice looking!

If you are the owner of that car and are on NSX Prime, please contact me - I want to see about getting a set of wheels like that! :smile:

Or if any of you wheel gurus know where I can get a set of rims that sound like what I am describing, please contact me. Thanks!
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If it was it was my 02 oem wheels I painted gun metal.
It could be me, I live in Valencia and have a red 92 but not OEM wheels, I have Volk Racing GTC wheels. They're beautiful and are gunmetal spokes like you mentioned.View attachment 95303
Mine look like this. If it's what you're looking for you're welcome to stop by and see them up close.
Just was a red NA1 on Soledad, although I couldn't tell what wheels it had they looked grey. Turned down Creekside rd. "towards the Acura dealership" Maybe this is the same one?

Was that you MrBret? or Chrisfrom619?