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whose who in Fla?????

16 April 2001
Boca Raton, FL
Hey friends , just joined the board at the advice of Doc Lane, he said a lot of the guys from Chin Motorsports posted here....who are you guys/what names do you post under?
Nelson, I thought I'd find you here but don't see the username speedycivicboy.
Let me know....
Welcome aboard Aaron! Anytime you want to run around in my NSX give me a call!
Hi Aaron,

Welcome to the board. Name is Ralph Quintero, creatively posting as "rquintero". 2000 Silver NSX.

Hope to see you around at the events or informal local gatherings.
Originally posted by aaron:
who are you guys/what names do you post under?

Welcome from BobsYT AKA Bob Schuenke from Weston FL. Are you an NSX owner or looking to become one?

2000 Red/Black #81
I'm here but isolated in St. Augustine... Welcome and maybe I'll see you at one of the events. P.S. Don't ride with Doc Lane, especially on a motorcycle
David H. 97 NSX-T #267
who are you guys/what names do you post under?

Wouldn't you like to know!
I post under the name "FAQ Nazi".
I know this is off topic, but do any of you guys know any information (good or bad) about the University of Tampa? I might be going there and I want to know what people in the area think of it. Thank You. By the way I am in Miami.

91 Black/Ivory, RM intake, HKS exhaust, RM Headers, and 17/18 Fikse FM10 wheels.
Great response, thanks for the welcome. I'm actually a former 92 NSX owner, I loved the car until I fell prey to the charms of 95 Porsche that will soon appear in my Avatar. Thanks again for the welcome.......

I never knew of another NSX owner in miami other than Nelson Landa and Richard Schnieder. Of course there a plenty of NSX owner down here but I rarely get to spend time with any of them. Hey if you ever want to hang out on a Thur. or Fri. night send me an email.
I live in Sarasota, just purchased a 2000 Yellow 6 spd. Going to Sebring with Chin Motorsports in May. Can't wait. I'm a newbie to the NSX and am dying to meet other crazies like myself.
Hi Andy,

A 2000 yellow one? Very Cool! Congrats!


Subjective, but gauging by my many many trips visiting my Tampa ex, there are waaay too many cops/capita in that little town. If you dive anything with more than 85bph they will know it and hound you like a dog

But then again they were never as bad as the Ala&$@!bama troopers on my regular trips to my ex in N. Orleans...

Stay in Miami and away from the deep south
Congrats on the car, can't wait to see it! I've got two buddies coming up for the first time also, they both drive S2000s, one yellow, one white. See ya there....
Florida seems to attact NSX'ers or is the other way around? Can't wait to try this car on the track. I think my M3 made it very easy and I expect to have to have more finesse with this car.