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why so many type s for sale

22 September 2022
I have been lurking for a while contemplating upgrading (if you call it that) my 17 nc1 202k build with grp exhaust downpipes, front ppf, and sos spacers with 8k onlcock for a new or slightly used same color combo type s . initially when the few came available they were cost prohibitive and now there are many more coming for sale on secondary market . I was wondering why probably guessing the market is softening and they are trying to cut their loses but I have yet to find one casino white pearl that is price, and geographically desirable .. just wondering what others thought about trading up, or any way you want to call it
buyers and sellers make a market..the early adopter hype has worn off. Many supercar owners are inherently fickle...latest and greatest..take a look at the Type S registry to see the possible color combos and rarety. As time goes on(with no offers) you will see the flippers have to lower price..or squirrel them away hoping the market for sellers improves. Humans are stubborn things.