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19 August 2001
Hello, all this is my first post but I've been lurking over a year now. My car is about to go into the shop to get the CT widebody put on and I need to know how big of spacers to order for my wheels. I have the forgeline 17/18 combo any help would be great. thanks.
Simple -- Don't think I saw you at the Bellevue event. What shop are you using to work on your car?

-- Chris
Redmond, WA


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Thanks Enrique.
Chris, I came by the meet but it was only for a second because I had to work. My car is being done by a local guy who normally only works on streetrods who has done work for me in the past.
Well hey- I am in Bellevue and am looking for someone to do my yellow 98' targa as well- could we perhaps get them both done at once to save some $$$ ??? Give me a call then and let me know what's up.