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Willmans Kenwood replacement head unit.

5 September 2007
Edmonton, AB, CANADA
I spent the money and got the Willmans Kenwood upgrade done to my head unit. You send in your dead head unit to Willmans and it comes back with a Kenwood unit installed inside. Plug and play.

I also installed a front USB input (passenger side), rear USB and aux input (center console) and antenna up/down switch.

Unit installs as a plug and play device minus the USB/ aux, etc. both antennas connect as before.
I installed an antenna on/off - up/down switch in the drivers kick panel. (holes match a standard switch) as the unit will power up the antenna on all functions. I found the antenna in the down position is perfect for most radio stations am/fm. This unit is a 100% digital tuner and it requires a very weak signal to play the station perfectly.

I really like the features:
USB front
USB rear
Digital radio / RMS radio 5 am presets, and 15 fm presets plus 3 hidden presets.
AUX input
iPOD control via USB and/or Bluetooth
full Apple Siri support for all functions with a single head unit button push
Full Android support
Blue tooth streaming supporting Pandora, I Heart Radio, Slacker Radio, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, saved music on device and more (thumbs up/down, scan to next song on head unit)
The majority of these can be turned on or off as desired or used.
Bluetooth hands free calling and answering, with latest callers/ phone book, etc. Names and numbers are displayed.
Sirius XM Radio optional interface available
The unit interfaces with both Waze warnings and Escort live bluetooth perfectly. It mutes the radio and outputs the warning.
Front Panel color can be customized to mach the rest of the car dash color.
Front, Rear, Sub, fader, right/left controls.
full equalizer controls,
custom equalizer controls
volume offset. (needed to turn this to -8 as it could overdrive the Bose Amps.)
Most of the buttons on the unit still are fructional. the balance, treb/base and tuning knob do not have any functionality. The rest all do complete with presets, random, repeat, etc.
there is also a remote if you do not want to use the front panel buttons. I find the front panel is fine.

It looks factory correct.
and for those weight conscious owners, it weighs less than half of the original Alpine unit.

The one thing I do not like, is the display is not a bright as it could be. On a very sunny day with my dark sun glasses on, it is hard to read. (I turned the display to it's brightest setting)
I would give it a score of 9/10. It is quite a big upgrade from the old OEM Alpine head unit, in functionality and sound quality. (even with a Grom unit)

The Kenwood unit is a KMM-BT518HD; remote is a KCA-RC406

Video on functions:

I won't discuss price other than it was a lot. Daryl Willams puts a lot of labor into this and he thinks he may need to raise the price to remain profitable. Talk to Daryl about price.

More pictures, I have them, just ask for specifics.
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You say that it's a great improvement in sound quality compared to OEM + Grom, even with the stock Bose speakers/amps?

I thought I was pretty clear.
Yes, I use an iPod or Bluetooth from my phone the most. Much better sound quality and a lot more adjustments to personalize the response to your liking.

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You were clear. Thank you for confirming. I currently use a Grom on an otherwise OEM sound system. I upgraded the speakers/amp/sub on my previous NSX and figured I would need to do that again to have a much better sounding system. I've never had a chance to listen to an aftermarket head unit with stock Bose speakers, so I'm just surprised to hear that there is such a noticeable improvement.
Something I should mention is if you wanted to use an external amp or direct wire to new speakers that is all available. You don’t have to use the Bose amp’d speakers.

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Thanks for the review. Wondering why volume knob center is rotated? It’s usually just the outer ring.
I did this several years ago when he was using the Clarion internals, and I'm totally happy with it, even with the original Bose speakers. I imagine the Kenwood guts would be as good or better. The only criticism was some rough sheet metal cuts at the back; those could have been done with more finesse but they don't affect the function.
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Hmmm... my ocd will have a hard time with that...

How much better is this than the oem unit in terms of sq? Is it on another level?
Hmmm... my ocd will have a hard time with that...

How much better is this than the oem unit in terms of sq? Is it on another level?

If you OCD is like mine. I leave the knob normal and use the remote to change the volume.
Or I guess I could black out the knob

I really noticed the difference and I don’t have the best of hearing any more.
There are so many adjustments, you can really make this unit sound any way you want. Variable loudness. Full equalizer plus pre programmed equalizer plus speaker size choices and distance between speakers fader for Bose rear/sub or you could add a sub. If that doesn’t satisfy your liking you can use a remote amp. Sky is really the limit on how you want it to sound.

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I have the Willmans with the Clarion guts. Sound quality even with the stock speakers and amp is pretty darned good, better than the stock head unit.

Warren, maybe at NSXPO in a couple of months we can co-write a head to head comparo of the Clarion vs. the Kenwood units? I don't think so, but I'm curious to compare the two.
I can attest to the sound quality improvment with Willmans Stereo Upgrade.
I asked Daryl about repairing/replacing the speakers along with the new stereo, he suggested waiting till after I had a little time with the new stereo.
Daryl was correct. The Stock Bose Speakers sound incredibly better with the Stereo Upgrade, no need to replace/repair.
I purchased a radio from daryl back in 2017 as I knew my radio would eventually give out.. my luck is when it was needed this option wouldn't be available so I kept in the box.. well car is not used often and took it out and had the snap crackle pop and the radio died.. I contacted daryl to make ask some questions via email mostly if he in fact had confidence that it was the radio and not speakers since they probably would not all go at same time.. plus I had them replaced years back.. he called me immediately and remembered that I in fact bought his second generation retrofit.. he was super nice and informative and gave me confidence to conquer this task myself (was going to wait and have friend help who has experience ) some you tube videos and Daryls tips I tackled it in about 2 hours time running the usb cords and included telephone microphone to corner above key insertion to the right of the tis button tucked in corner .. needless to say I completed and it is tremendous improvement over the stock one ( I think it was on its way out for while..) could not be happier and in fact sending this now deduct radio back to daryl to retrofit for me as back up and mostly because my brother has 91 and will probably require an upgrade as well.. highly reccomend daryl and his equipment ..
Back in 2017 shortly after I bought the car, the stereo display went dark, even though the radio still worked. I wanted to keep the original for posterity so Daryl converted one of the last NSX radios he had on the shelf to his digital Clarion version. I've been very pleased with it and have had no problems (other than head scratching and operator errors). I only have it for live traffic reports and Bluetooth for my infrequent phone usage. Truthfully, I'm paying attention to that sweet engine sound anyway...
Thanks, Daryl!
I am so happy with the the second generation of darryl radio build I just installed in my 93 I think it is Kenwood vs the original clarion (it was more the display color for me) that I just got the text and tracking for the repair of the second unit he rebuilt to have as back up for whenever if ever this goes and plus ly bother has oem radio in his 91 so you never know can't be happier with darryl his work and communication and knowledge great addition to the forum
did they replace everything including the digital display?
the display is different and you can actually change the color you want. it is matched to the orange if the rest of interior , truly if you have questions give daryl a call, he super easy to talk to, very knowledgable and willing to help in anyway he can. just got my backup delivered this week ( the radio that jus crapped out ) to have for if and when this one may go bad or when my brothers oem craps out.