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win 95 games on win2000 ??..

15 March 2005
have done a search didn't get anything..but I have got 2 great car games [Screamer2 and Megarace 2] that we used to play on our old win 95 system with 3d graphics etc...is there a way under win 2000 software to run these games..I miss them

Hey thanks looks like I'll need to to get the kids another computer with XP on it, and then push them off it to play my old games... :frown:
yeah well we've got an old one too but its got bad sectors on the hard drive etc etc...and because its old technology [blah blah..]..but new computers are fairly cheap now so something purpose built to run the older games may be just the ticket, and the kids can get off my office computer when doing their assignments :wink: , ...and the treat will be when everybodys done their work they can play the old games !!!...[er ..after me] :biggrin:

thanks for the help on win2000 I thought someone here might now know a back door way to get the old games to run on win2000...I thought my computer gheek guy might have been doing a sales job on me to buy another computer :rolleyes: I'll wait for his quote

Thanks again