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Window Actuator Cable has disappeared

13 May 2005
My thingie broke on the passenger window ( driver's side was replaced five years ago). This happened just when I started to lower the window and the window crashed to the bottom of the door ( no damage). I have the panel off and have received the Dali fix it piece. When I took the panel off, the cable was still hooked into the top part of the thingie, but I cannot find the bottom part of the cable.

Any idea where it might be and when I find it, what is the correct routing for the top and bottom portion of the cable?
Too late for the fix-it thingie. :frown:

You need to:
  • Take your current regulator assy out
  • Send it off to be rebuilt for $55
  • Put the repaired regualtor assy back in.

Read HERE on where to get it rebuilt.