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Exterior SOLD: Hugo's Window Repair Kit for Slow Windows

11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
Edit: sold
Hugo's window fixit that helps with windows going up & down slowly, replacing the 180 degree sleeve that the cable rotates around with a pulley.

This was part of a group buy a few years ago, but one person ordered 2 kits, not realizing that one kit does driver's side and passenger side windows. To be clear, this kit does both windows.

It is the later version of his kit that also includes new sliders for the track if they're broken, as well as the replacement center bushings in case you have wear on the inside of the rotating drum.

I will also include a pair of spring compressors that I 3D printed so that you don't have remove a piece of a C-clamp to hold the cables in tension as shown in the video. (Very handy if you weren't born with 3 hands.)

$300 shipped Continental US or Canada.

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