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Window Noise

15 February 2001
Miami, Fl
Has anyone noticed that the drivers window starts to move outward at speeds over 130? It sounds like the window is flapping in ur ear.
My 95T starts to do it around 110-120 MPH. I was out here last night looking for an FAQ on how to adjust them. Feel asleep before I came across one. FAQ Nazi, do your magic!!!

If anyone has any recommendations I would appreciate it, it's beginning to drive me nuts. Yes, I do drive 100+ quite often... Lot's of highway driving...

95 NSX-T Black/Black
There is a remedy for this situation. Keep your window rolled down at that speed and the only flapping you will hear is the sound of you EAR against the side of your HEAD.
Nothing in the FAQ about it, but the windows can be adjusted to eliminate this noise. My dealer's done it on mine.
There are adjusting bolts located on the front and rear glass guide that allow the window to be adjusted in/out. Once the door panel has been removed you will see this glass guide on the left and right side (looks like a long "C" channel molding). Loosen the locknuts (there are two side by side) at the bottom of the glass guide and turn both of the adjusting bolts COUNTER-CLOCKWISE to move the glass inward. Your glass is probably set too far away from the weatherstipping causing it to vibrate at higher speeds. You MUST turn both adjusting bolts the same amount each time in order to keep the glass guide bracket parallel. DO THIS FOR BOTH GLASS GUIDES.

You will have to sit in the car with the door closed several times and make sure the window rolls up and seals tightly against the rubber molding without putting stress on the window regulator assembly. You will also have to visually inspect the glass while outside the car with the door closed to make sure the glass seats evenly along the molding.

Last but not least make sure you do a leak test with the water hose. You might as well just wash the car while you're at it.

There is literally a chapter dedicated to window glass adjustment in the service manual and I wouldn't blame you for wanting to have someone else do it for you. There are many adjustments to consider when trying to align the glass since making an adjustment in one place may misalign the glass in another.


Hope this helps.
Originally posted by Chris W:


HEY! That's not a bad thing!

I asked our hero Mark Basch about window adjustment a while back - here's a cut and paste of it:

"The ones at the bottom, that have an allen head screw with a 12mm
lock nut, adjust the camber of the window. The ones at the top adjust the
tension needed to keep the adjustment functional.

Use the adjusters at the bottom to adjust the lean angle, and the ones
at top to give the glass a steady platform to lean on to keep the adjustment

Look carefully at the top adjuster however- there is the one that
has felt on it, which is what the window leans on. The felt points to the
outside of the car; this is the one you want. There is also an adjustment at
the top that is the upper limit stop. It has a nylon pad which faces down,
this is NOT the one you want. (unless upper limit needs adjusting)."

Take care,
Brent Cobb