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Noise on turning (video)

Did you do your research on the Wavetrac? As I recall, I thought it is not exactly a drop in replacement. I thought there were some modifications required. If you are getting your Wavetrac from Cedar Ridge I expect that they should be able to give you the scoop on whether it drops in place or whether additional changes are required.
Yes sir, new speed ring is on the way and shaving 6mm off the intermediate shaft is paid for from the one and only Dave!

The wavetrac was installed over the past few days and after we got the intermediate shaft back, the rest of the vehicle was put together. Dave included some dumonde tech fluid for the transmission as well!

My mechanic took it for several test drives to ensure proper operation and all was well. I picked up the car today and no noises on turning / super buttery transmission operation!

Looks like the differential was definitely the issue.

Thanks everyone!