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Window Thingy Installation

25 October 2000
This weekend I plan to attempt to install the Dali Racing Window Thingies in my 91 NSX. I think the passenger side has been done, but the driver side window is popping, so as a minimum I plan to open and inspect both doors' internals. Also will grease the window slides while I'm there. I've read the applicable faqs section material. There are some opinions expressed that installation of these devices is a real pain. Local shop wants $175 per door to install. I'd like to do it myself, but wonder if it is worth it. I mostly want to do the work because I do not trust others work and it is a pain for me to drop off the car. Any words of wisdom are appreciated, especially from those who have performed the install.

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Have you read the DIY article on NSXPrime?

-- Chris


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I recently changed mine on the drivers door. It was not too bad, but depite what the FAQ says, I had to take the regulator out of the car and lay it on the floor to change the thing. I would do it this way again as it was much easier and I probably saved time in the long run. I did need help though as I held the end of the cable in a pair of needle nose pliers and stretched it to the thing. It took two hands, then my wife pushed the end down into the pocket it fits into in the thing.

My passenger door was not making any noise so I thought I would wait a few days. Pretty hot in Texas. My son rolled the window down a bit on the 4th of July, and it broke. Lost the window into the door. I was surprized and hit the up button, then the down. That was all it took to ruin the cable. I took it apart, but you really can't fix this right, so a new $350 regulator went in.

Bottom line, don't delay and don't trust that it has been done. Check it out.

This should take an experienced NSX tech less than an hour per door, even if he hasn't done a thingie installation before (but assuming he has taken NSX doors apart before).
Thanks again for the help. I thought the $175 seemed a little pricey. The independent Acura/Honda shop actually has a higher hourly rate for the NSX vs other cars which seems strange to me. However, I am more comfortable doing the work myself. Since my garage is pretty small and full I want to do the work outside and am hoping to finish it in a day. Disassembly of the door doesn't concern my as much as the cables and alignment of the windows. I'll perform the work this weekend and post my experience if I have any fingers left.
Don't worry about time, or the alignment. I changed the drivers side in 3 hours and one of them was messing around trying to do it with the regulator in the door. Another one-half was looking at aligning the rubber strip under the belt line trim. The job should take 1.5 hours without too much effort.

I also used an old toothbrush to lube the tracks and this job went in about 5 minutes.

When you remove the regulator, the alignment of the track will be evident as the washers under the bolts will have scribed a mark in the door. It is easy to replace exactly.

You'll see. It is pretty easy.

Thanks all for your helpful comments. I found out after removing the door panels this weekend that my 91 has the updated regulators already installed. I am sooooo happy. I'm glad I did the work on Saturday, because I had a smile on my face all Sunday too!

I did lube the spool with the urea hi-temp grease. Worth noting here that Sunnyvale Acura sells it for $17.95 and 1 mile away Hopkins Honda sells it for 13.90. Not sure why the 29% markup at Acura. Yes it is the exact same part#.

I didn't lube the window tracks because I didn't know what to use. Residue in the tracks looks like a multi-purpose white lithium grease? Anyone know what to use?

My drivers window still pops during roll-up, but I am much more at ease rolling the windows up and down now that I know that I have the new requlators. Perhaps if I lube the window tracks, the popping will go away.

Thanks again for all your help!
Originally posted by bill:
I didn't lube the window tracks because I didn't know what to use. Residue in the tracks looks like a multi-purpose white lithium grease? Anyone know what to use?

I'd like to know too. I will be installing a pair of thingies soon, have the hi-temp urea grease, but need to know the proper lube for the track & whatever else needs to be greased in there.

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