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Windscreen Nightmare

7 February 2002
London, England
Dear All,

I am wondering If anyone here has had experience of replacing a cracked windscreen on their Import NSX.

Recently on an english motorway a small lump of something heavy fell off a lorry in front of me, I was a reasonable distance behind and when it bounced off to the left I thought I had a lucky escape ..... unfortunately I'm just not that lucky.
The "lump" hit a car or wheel or something on the inside lane and then shot back three times a fast a before and "crack" a nasty big chip in the screen just left of the Rear View mount, Darn but Ok I thought at least that can be fixed with that capillery glass stuff they use, at that point eeee ckk went the screen and like a hoorible vision of a Paul danials trick gone horribly wrong a great big crack appeard from the top of the screen lshaped down to the mirrow mount.

Anyway I called my Insurance and the Autoglass people and thay said no problem just come in and well replace it.
After checking Prime I decided to insist on an In shop job and as reccomended by friends and prime get the moulding replaced aswell.
However in order to get the screen I need the part number and as its a JDM Import Honda UK wont issue a UK window part number.
I have been to My local honda who took the chassis number only to call me back after 4 days of hassling to be told there are not enough digits ! I have personally checked and there are only 3 places on the car with the Chassis and they are all the same NA1-12000xxxx I have then been speaking with Hoda UK but as it has a sunstrip (slightly blue) they say It is Uniqe to Japan and a UK part wont fit .

I am at a loss I dont want to drive my car unless it is OK but dont know how long its going to take to get the part number.

Has anyone had an Imported car's windsceen replaced and if so did you use a US, UK or Japanese partnumber ?

Does the US car have a tinted or clear front screen and does it have a sunstrip ?

Thanks for any help or advice .

Max Griffiths