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JDM Honda NSX Type S rear 1/4 panel reflector

21 January 2004
New Brunswick, NJ
Just wanted to post an image and share the part number as a bunch of people on IG hit me up asking abut these. I actually saw another Type S owner, George had posted them and I totally loved them. He bought them from Mita when he was in Japan and when I messaged them, they were already sold out. He said message over the summer, this was last year but they were still NLA. I recently tried again with no luck and out of the blue, I got a DM on IG that they snagged a few sets. As an NA2 and NC1 owner, we are truly lucky to have a few active vendors still able to get parts and help the community.


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Thanks @The Kid - I'm new to the community are you referring to @mitamotorsports on IG that may have some?

It appears to be a smoked out version correct?

Yes, that's them. Looks to be smoked, mine arrives today and I can take better pics. The bumper has to come off for the install so I'm waiting for my exhaust to arrive, should be next week. I'm an OEM plus type of guy. The red just looked so out of place.
Yeah you guys are no good for me. SOS hasn't finalized my PO because I keep adding stuff and now the other thread has me considering exhaust + downpipes.

I really just don't want to take the car apart now 😅