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9 July 2006
I got a rock in the windshield yesterday and it cracked it about 6 inches long. Looks like it's time for a new one. Would you recommend the dealer or a glass place to have it replaced. Since there is only 1 other NSX around here either place I bring it to there is a good chance it will be there first NSX windshield replacement. Is there anything they should know that is unique to the NSX or is it the same process as any other car.
Dealer probably would farm it out anyway and add their "tax" on the price.
Forgot to ask. how much is a new windshield
I thought my post was deleted so I re-typed it
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I can tell you I had a guy installing a windsheild on one of my other cars that had a crack. and asked him how much to replace the NSX windsheild
if I ever get a crack he told me good luck, he will never touch another NSX windsheild. one wrong move and it will snap.

he told me some of his other installer had the same issue with other NSX's
they snapped them. had to come out of their own pockets to replace.

dealership will not touch it.

so fair warning it may be hard to find someone that will do the work. even if you have the windsheild sitting next to the car.

I happen to have a spare windsheild that on my 02 parts car so I am covered if push comes to shove I will install it myself. no one to blame but me if it breaks.

so good luck let us know what happens.

and if there is any prime members that have had this done please chime in on this.

and I am sure some will say this is bull but I can only tell you what I have been told regarding this subject.

so good luck
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Had a guy putting in a windsheild for one of my cars cuz it had a crack in it, I asked how much to do the NSX if I ever got a crack he said he wouldnt even touch it.

I said why he said putting in a new one and one wrong move and it will snap. he said a couple other installers had it happen to them to

they will not touch an NSX.

dealership will not touch it.

so who has had their NSX windsheild replaced can you tell us your story??

I am scared I have do have a spare windshield thats on my 02 parts car so if I need to take it out I will but will prob take me a few days to take it out as I would be scared to break it.

I am sure that some will say thats bull but I can only tell you my experience regarding its replacement
I had a windshield replaced in phoenix last year and the cost was only 275.00 and the guy came to the house and installed it. That 275 included the windshield as well. So shop around there is no need for it to be that high. I dont recall who it was as I left the bill in phoenix. They had the windshield in stock and came the next day.
I was a lucky one. Local Honda Dealer had one sitting from an order years ago. When I called to inquire about a windshield if Honda can order through David Mc David Acura the parts manager said he had a surprise. I bought the windshield for 500 brand new OEM just to get it out of their stock. Called my buddy out and he showed me how to remove and reinstall using all OEM parts.
Just make sure the glass is either OEM or PPG !
Do NOT let someone talk you into a "Pilkington" piece of glass.

Just make sure the glass is either OEM or PPG !
Do NOT let someone talk you into a "Pilkington" piece of glass.


Huh? I have used Pilkington on two of our daily drivers, and one is a minivan with a huge windshield and have had absolutely no issues - three years now with plenty of miles.

It doubt very much if $275 included any of the moldings. Most reputable shop would insist on replacing them. In fact today one of our local TV channels is having an "investigative" report on windshield scams in the area.
Had mine replaced about eight years ago by Safelite. Not oly was it free including new molding, but it was also OEM. Florida insurance includes windshield replacement at no additional charge.
I also have a Pilkington windshield and no issues. I did buy all of the moldings and supplied them to the glass place as well as printed instructions. They did a nice job and no issues. I had used a Pilkington winshield in my old M3, it was distorted and it required a second windshield, no extra charge so feel free to complain if there is an issue. My cost on the NSX was also around $300 installed.