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would you be leery? 91 nsx on ebay JH4NA1152MT002645

call findlay acura and talk to the service manager about the car...btw the car description reads like a ransom note..spelling is on par with a nigerian scammer.
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By the looks of the sun visors it was probably garaged most of it's life, the coolant overflow tank is leaking (not abnormal), but salvaged cars are always a crap shoot. It's up to $20K now - I think I'd pass - IMO.
I think Im inclined to be more forgiving of this one. They did come out up front and clearly say that its a salvage on eBay. Also, every car listed on eBay is also listed somewhere else at a fixed price. Fully legit new car dealers do this all day long also. It just makes sense to also fish on eBay and if a car sells higher than you could have gotten on the lot, its gone. No weird thing there.

The copy is definitely ghetto, but its a salvage - auction copy was probably just thrown together by whoever was able to manage to logon to eBay and knew how to type! LOL :D

IF you are ok with a salvage (big if) and IF the car fully checked out otherwise, it might not be bad.

All of that said, bidding is up against $20K+ at this point which is really hard to recommend.

I dont think its a scam personally, or anything is wrong with the "picture" here, but prob too much $ considering you can get a non-salvage, but higher mileage, car for not too much more.