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Just went from 2017 NSX to 2019 NSX

yes. very very silly.

there are 'bald-douchbags' that own all types of cars.

LOL. I'm glad I have all of my hair, so I know you're not talking about me.

I do think I know who you are referencing, and Mr. Morehead than hair, is a "bald-douchbag".
LOL. I'm glad I have all of my hair, so I know you're not talking about me.

sir, i wouldn't even dare fathom it.

That kids opinion was really lame overall. There are good + bad owners of all cars, across all brands, all brand levels.
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I joined. Lasted a few weeks. Some real tools on there (some good guys as well but the tools kept following and harassing me). Ended up leaving.
Great post!

We ready your thread on Facebook as well. We love this platform too!

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Keep us updated on your car! :)
Thank you for the feedback

you should look for this post in our private Facebook group. We have a few owners that went from 17s to 19s and they have commented on what I felt the differences were. There were quite a lot of comments. Worth reading through.

Enjoy your NSX! In my opinion there is nothing even comparable right now just an amazing car.

Could you summarize what their feedback is? When I drove the 2019, I seem to recall it was much less comfortable to drive than the 2017, but that could have been tires or something else in retrospect.
Great story, it really gives us some great insight on why you chose the NSX, I may follow your lead. Note: You need to stop throwing rocks at cars.