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WTB- '04 Yellow NSX

7 October 2002
Chapel Hill NC
Looking for an '04 or '05 yellow NSX, preferably with yellow interior. Looking for low miles and excellent condition. Call XXXXX (private individual) at 703.XXX>XXXX edited: CAR WAS FOUND AND BOUGHT !!! SEE BELOW.
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The dealer where I purchased mine used to have a yellow/yellow for sale.


Good group of people and no BS. Check their site. I am not able to pull up their site here from work. Strange that they would block that one from me. :confused:
Congrats to your buddy and glad I could help. They were not the typical used car dealers that I have dealt with in the past. I wish that car was coming out west to my garage. Have your friend post some pics once it arrives.
The dealer did really well!! I know the car.. dealer offered it a month ago for $65 and told me he had stepped up to own it and paid $62 for it. Enjoy the car it is a beauty.