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WTB 2002-2005 OEM 17/17 wheels

25 October 2001
Northern California
The post says is all. Wheels must be true to balance and with NO prior repair. Surface condition is negotiable - pics a must.

Tires are not necessary unless they are almost brand new OEM Bridgestone -preferred, SO3 or Michelin Pilots - other brands have no value to me.

I already have a set of 2002 OEM 17/17 on my car. One set will be for track use depending on condition of the wheels. Please respond via PM.
I will have a set off my 04. 3 wheels perfect, 1 I rashed somehow near the edge, otherwise perfect and very clean.

I am waiting on my wheels to come in, I was told 3 weeks. If you dont find any in that time, please let me know.