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WTB: NSX around Fall 2011 timeframe

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25 March 2007
Knoxville, TN / Washington D.C.
Fellow Prime members,

Ever since selling my last NSX, I have plotted my return to the NSX world and am now inching closer to being back in the saddle.

Due to location reasons (no garage...not fitting for an NSX), I am purposefully holding off on purchasing another NSX until the fall of 2011, but seeing as how long it takes to locate a suitable vehicle and the potential for owners to decide to sell long before actually selling, I am posting my ad now.

Here are my requirements:
-early NA1, preferably 1991, color preference: black/ivory, red/black
-manual transmission
-ZERO interior modifications, only irreversible exterior modifications, headers desirable
-mid range mileage desired (70-80K) or price adjustment for lesser or more mileage
-out of snap-ring range, or confirmation of repair.
-typical 1991 NSX issues addressed if possible: coolant hoses, window fix-it thingies, ABS unit, typical leaks here and there


late NA1, preferably 1995 or 1996, in an interesting color (brooklands green/black, midnight pearl/black)
-manual transmission
-ZERO interior modifications, only irreversible exterior modifications, headers still desirable
-mid range mileage still desired


any NA2, but preferably earlier around 1997 or 1998, color pref: monte carlo blue, kaiser silver, or anything interesting. Coupe is a serious plus.
-manual transmission
-ZERO interior modifications, only irreversible exterior modifications, headers still desirable
-mid to higher mileage OK (100K).

A black/ivory 1991 is the IDEAL car out of the entire grouping above. If you, or someone you know, are considering selling your black/ivory NSX within the coming year, please get in touch with me.


-well-maintained (TB/WP not due, clutch in good shape, gaskets in good shape, coolant hoses replaced if early NA1) is a serious plus. If you do have some deferred maintenance items, please let me know. It's not a deal breaker as these things happen.
-All original paint except for the occasional respray of the front fascia due to rock chips. Mandatory.
-Amp and speaker issues are OK. We all know they weren't very good.
-If you do have a substantial number of modifications, I may ask you to remove them and keep them prior to purchasing the car. I understand they may be a bonus to me and removing them may be a pain for you, but you will recoup more cash by selling them and I will have the NSX the way I want it.

-Please talk with me if you have a car that meets the above criteria but with a CTSC or similar in addition. This is something I may do down the line. Basically, let me know what has been done to the car and I will mull it over.

Bottom line: I'm looking for a nearly original, well-maintained NSX of a myriad of year models. I am a young owner, but am well capable to take care of a car of this caliber as I have before. This is why I am waiting to acquire a suitable garage in which to house it away from the hostile car environment known as dusty southwest Texas.

I am willing to pay market value for an NSX that meets the above criteria. I refuse to lowball the owner when the car is worth the price.

I will travel anywhere to purchase the car provided I can have the car PPI'd beforehand. I am currently located west of San Antonio.

Looking forward to being back.

Thanks Prime,

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Bump. If you're selling the perfect NSX, I'm looking for your car!
Still looking. I will most likely end up buying early in 2012. Send me anything you've got! I will pay the price for a fantastic car.
Still looking. Still aiming for January if that works for anyone. I have the ability to purchase now, but waiting to hear if I'll stay in the country before I purchase.

Still looking. Will purchase around November now.

Preferences: 1991 Black/Ivory, 95-99ish Red/Black, 94-96 Brooklands Green, or 95-96 Midnight Pearl

Will travel nationwide for the right car. Get in touch with me!
Still on the hunt. Looking for a near-OEM NSX, but mods are OK.

PM me!
Still looking, but getting closer to buying time.

Continue sending me leads to NSXs as we all know how fast some can go.

Looking to purchase in about a month or so.
Putting my search on hold indefinitely. I'm moving to Japan.

Thanks for all the replies and offers!
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