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WTB: Steering Wheel Horn Button Plastic / 78521-SL0-A81ZB

27 June 2020
Boise, ID
Looking to buy one of the plastic covers for the horn buttons. Apparently the part number is 78521-SL0-A81ZB; not sure if that's for the whole assembly behind this piece or just this piece, but I only need the cover itself, not the rest of the button components, and I'd rather not pay $50 new when I just need this tiny bit of plastic :smile:. Could be talked into buying the whole thing if the price is right.

Steering Wheel.jpg

One of our cars needs this too. Called a local acura dealer and was told that they are on back order everywhere with no set date of being back in stock. Was also told that there is 2 P/N for this part. 78521-SL0-A81ZB and 78521-SL0-A81ZA. Im not sure about if they are interchangeable or not.