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Xeno Tactic 2


I was intending on playing the original when I stumbled across the second. Every now and again I get this craving to play a little Xeno!! I just barely died on level 6 wave 9x. I'm hoping that this new one is actually beatable without using cheats.
I could never finish Xeno Tactic 1... i believe the bugs that were in it made it impossible without cheats.

I'm happy to say that, thanks nsx8, I've managed to waste at least 10hrs playing XT 2 :mad:

And after some very frustrating sessions, I finished level 6 today (without cheats).




Now... what to do with my time. Sigh. :confused:
DUDE now i know how crack feels. I'm not joking I started playing this game at work for 2 hours and leave late. Now I'm at home at 1am and can't stop. Best addictive title I've played in a while. thanks nsxn8 for ruining my life.
It took me a little while to get through level 5, but I got through level 6 in 2 tries. A couple hints: 1) Make the path as jagged as possible and 2) You can block off 1 of the 2 exits.