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Yet another new NSX Pic looks interesting

That new NSX pic looks a lot like a ferrari 360.

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Do you think Honda would design an AWD NSX with electric wheels up front?I know the article says Nissan is considering it but since the NSX is built at the same factory as their electric cars it would be possible.

This is from autoexpress in the UK:

At Honda's Japanese research and development centre, testing of its contender is well under way. Tipped for launch in 2004, and set to replace the NSX, the all-new coupé will satisfy the firm's ambitious mission to produce a high-performance car that has economical fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. Set to rival the likes of Porsche's 911, and even the Ferrari 360, it promises to be a devastatingly fast machine for competent drivers.

Essentially a 400bhp edition of the acclaimed Honda Insight, the supercar's advanced hybrid powerplant relies on the proven IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) system. At the rear is a high-performance petrol-powered 3.5-litre V6 unit, while at the front there's an efficient electric motor. The layout makes the coupé Honda's first 4WD supercar, while the combination also helps to ensure that the prototype vehicle is environmentally friendly.

NetViper -= 100% Stock EBP 2000 Civic Si =- Still looking to get an NSX, but at least I can live life at 8,000 RPM!
I just heard from a guy on the Supraforums that the 02 NSX is on sale now in Japan.He recently returned from there and says it looks like a 360 Modena but carries the V6.As far as 2004 having electric motors in the front,if Im not impressed with them maybe they can be removed for less weight.

More interesting tidbits/rumors ahead. Although mentioned somewhere else before, this comes from a recent March 2001 issue of a Japanese auto mag.

Hybrid NSX: The March 26th, 2001 issue of the Japanese publication Best Car Magazine reported that the next version of the Honda NSX (badged the Acura NSX in North America) will be a lot more similar to the Insight that previously expected. In October, 2001, similar information was published in U.K. magazine Auto Express.
The NSX is Honda's high performance mid-engine super car; the closest thing anyone with $84,000 USD can come to driving a Honda Formula 1 race car.

The NSX is produced at the same low-volume factory in Tochigi, Japan where the Insight is produced. Like the Insight, the NSX is one of a few all-aluminum bodied cars that are on the market today (others being the Audi A2, Audi A8 and Chrysler's Prowler). It was in fact partially Honda's experience building the all-aluminum NSX that made it possible to build the all-aluminum Insight in production numbers.

Despite previous rumors to the contrary, Best Car Magazine now claims that the next version of the NSX will continue to have an all-aluminum body.

More interestingly, they also report that it will use Honda's IMA hybrid technology. Here, though, the focus wouldn't be on energy & fuel efficiency, but on boosting performance to an even higher level. Nonetheless, it would also allow for an improvement in fuel efficiency, an area where the NSX already stands well above similar exotic automobiles.

Auto Express describes the new NSX as a 400bhp version of the Insight, though the hybrid layout they describe is quite different. They describe the new NSX as keeping the mid-mounted ICE (3.5L V6), but adding an electric motor to drive the front wheels, making the car a 4WD. Auto Express also reports that testing of the new NSX is already underway at Honda's Japanese research and development center. It is reported that the new NSX is to be available in 2004.
It would not surprise me if Honda did come out with a hybrid NSX. The reason, it has never been done before. There is no exotic in the world that uses an electric motor in addition to a gas engine, and no 4wd car in the world uses two motors.

Honda may not come out with a hybrid NSX, but one thing is certain. The new NSX will have new technology and advances that will capture the world's wonder about Honda and the NSX for the next 10 years.
Although I don't like any of those pictures that much I do love hearing one thing. 400hp HYBRID!!! I lean a lot towards enviromentalism and hearing a hybrid produce 400hp is just music to my ears. This will mean that the HP hungry American public won't shy away from hybrids. If the 400hp hybrid is well recieved I think we'll see old gas powered engines move out faster than anyone might expect. Now if we could just get oil friendly Bush out of the Whitehouse =)

This is how much I love our environment: I'm currently working on getting a patent on a non-fossil fuel dependent power plant that doesn't use solar, geo, wind, wave, etc. I wish I wasn't so crunched for time with my company and all so I could concentrate 100% on it but oh well gotta make a living right? Wish we had 48hour days...
The biggest challenge is to build a 400+hp exotic car that gets the same gas mileage and emissions (or less) than the current NSX. If you consider the Z06, the 996TT, 360 etc, they all have terrible gas mileage.
Originally posted by Gerry Johnson:
I have an NSX that makes over 400 hp to the wheels and it gets 22miles to the gallon.

Well Gerry, we here in the Sacto area would love to meet you and see your 400 HP for validation ofcourse <g>, and you join us for some of our local/regional activities .....

22 miles on 400 HP ....... hmmmm, I am averaging 18-19 on my 3.2L with 50/50 HWY/street mix!

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I would like to attend one of your meetings,let me know the date and I will try to attend. I just drove me car to the NIRA event they had in Palmdale on October 21 Super Tuner Fest 2001, that was a 308 mile oneway trip, that is what mileage the car got. I have my Tech 2 set so my A/R is 16.1 to achieve the good gas mileage, but under heavy throttle and boost that mileage goes out the window.
I'm wondering if the previously rumored hybrid NSX is actually the Honda Dual-note prototype showcased at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. The Dual-note's specs are four wheel drive, mid engine 3.5L i-VTEC V6, front electric motor combining for 400HP and an amazing 43MPG. Seems too similar to be a coincidence.

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So OK are both the gas and electric motors working at the same time? or does the gas motor just idle along and recharge the electric motors while theyre pulling the car?How does this work? Maybe all motors all at once? How would you average 43 mpg?


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From what I've read, the Dual-note uses both for acceleration and recharges the electric when braking.