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Arkaid's '98 NA2 Coupe Build Thread

Man, I can't believe it's been almost three years since I updated this build thread... my life has been in pretty much constant transit for that time since. In mid-2019, I felt like I got the car in a pretty good spot, and since then have really been having fun just enjoying it the way it was. I felt like the car came together in such a short amount of time that it was time to just get in and drive it. I didn't feel much of a need to tinker with it; and partially because my other car has been out of commission for almost a year now, it has been really, really nice to get in the c00p and enjoy it without constantly thinking of things to improve.

Recycled from the photos of your NSX thread:


But this is a build thread and build we must!!!

Sometime late last year I was able to cross one of my unicorn parts off the list - big bro @MexiRicer was upgrading his header setup and as part of it, came through with the ARC NA2 test pipes I have been searching for since 2017. Can't thank him enough again for these!


Sadly, because I've been all over the place, I haven't had the time to spend a morning mounting them up - I'm hoping to change that soon.

Picking up those test pipes kickstarted the NSX fire again for me and made me think to myself, maybe I should start moving into the next wave of upgrades I had planned for it 3 years ago. More to come on that - stay tuned...
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Br000000 finally you update the c00p build thread! Plz install those unicorn na2 arc test pipes asap. Dean is waiting to greet you into his cedar plank ridge-wood doors, but not until you first install the pipes!
Update: test pipes are on!

Spent a Saturday doing an oil change and switching out the old steel test pipes for the ARC ones. I think my old units were Comptech but I was never quite sure. Even though they aren't heavy by any means, the new ARC ones are unbelievably light. I should have gotten better pics and comparisons vs. my old ones, but all I remembered to take pictures of was "after" shots. You'll notice there are no exhaust hangers welded onto the test pipes; my theory is that because they're so light, there isn't a need for them, but who knows.



As for the non-visual differences... the car sounds largely the same, but is ever-so-slightly enhanced. It's got a little more burble at idle than it did with the steel pipes, and also isn't quite as shrill at higher RPM's. It's an excellent match for the ARC exhaust - deep sound all throughout the rev range. I've also noticed that somehow, it feels like throttle response has improved and the car is a bit torque-ier in the midrange than it was before. All trades I am happy with.

With these now finally on, I'm essentially done on the exhaust part of the car. Maybe one day I may consider a set of headers , but honestly, I am pretty darn happy with my setup as it is. Exactly how I wanted my car to sound.
One of my favorite NSX's. That undercarriage is immaculate!
Great car, and build thread!

Since the NA2's have nice tubular headers as stock (especially in comparison with the cast iron boat anchors the NA1's sported), I think whatever gains from installing aftermarket headers to your '98 Coupe would likely be minimal.

We fit the stock NA2 exhaust manifolds to our red '92 and not only was there a significant savings in weight, the car felt more responsive as well.

I would advise to save the money on aftermarket headers, and apply it to buying FUEL :cool: