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ZEX Jets

25 August 2003
Hi there NSX-freaks...

I just installed my ZEX-system (82011) in my -91 NSX, and was just about to test it, but got confused when I was about to select the jets to be installed in the system.
The system is a Dry kit, and it comes with the following jets:
38, 40, 43, 46, 52
On the tune-up sheet from ZEX, indicates the following jets:
32, 34, 35, 36, 38

Anyone seen this before? (Have sent a request to ZEX to get the correct jets)
What jets/setup do you run on your ZEX system?

i am running the ZEX dry setup in my 91. i was told the following:
32 = 55shot
36 = 65shot
38 = 75shot

if you find out otherwise, please advise as i may not have large enough jets in my car right now. :wink:
NSX Swede,
Did ZEX get back to you? I'm interested in their response.
The higher # jets are for the FPR the lower jets for induction, don't go above a 38 jet for induction via intake and match that with a 42 FOR THE FPR side and dyno for AFR. IMHO on your dry setup if you are unsure of EXACTLY what you are doing and what to look for once you have up the jet size.
Once you up the jet size for induction you may have to up the jet for the FPR to balance out your AFR and their are limits to the game except for fools and people who dont mind living without their car for a year while the motor is rebuilt.this goes for zex and nos and all the other systems out there that use jets and remember this,use stainless jets whenever possible.

Please remember like all posts in regard to n20 tech that this is merely my opinion.

According to the charts on zex.com, they call out for 38 for the N2O jet and 32 for the fuel jet (75shot, EFI dry, 6 cyl). Was that just a typo in your post or am I totally missing something? :confused:
Hi there.

Those number suits the tune up sheet well, and I have no plan on going over the recommended 75hp setup for now.
Although, I havn't got any responses or jets from either ZEX or their retailers. :mad:

Will try to find the jets somewhere in sweden, although the ZEX-retailers here takes MAD prices for those little thingis...

redline, I have found the jet setup I stated to yield the best response from a 6 cyl dry efi setup and health for the motor long haul BUT I will check with my source at zex for changes to the system to be sure and relay it to you.

swede, I can procure some zex jets here in the states and mail them to you for a few bucks.

Guys,remember that you need to dyno your setup to get your n20 setup fine tuned.IT IS NOT AN OPTION .that way you will be dead on for power,AF and safety all around.

Lastly if you can believe this most of you all know about my shoulder replacement 9 months ago WELL I suffered a serious heart attack 6 weeks ago and almost didnt make it.I am having a defib-pacemaker installed in my chest in the next 6 weeks when I am a little stronger.
The heart attack has once again messed me up bad and really effected my memory hence my double checking my numbers for the zex setup.this shit never seems to end with me but the really bad news is after they implant the devices in my chest I will no longer be able to lean over a running motor as it can kick the defib in.WHAT A NIGHTMARE!
THE GOOD NEWS,I am passing the torch to a local tuner whom is in the NSX community and is hungry to learn.I will be passing along all my wire diagrams,notes so forth and giving them full use of all my knowledge base,I will also act as a consultant and be present while they learn the correct install methods I insist on.
Regards David