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  1. Si Espanol4Yes

    Exhaust Angus AP-X Resonated Test Pipes 91-94

    {SOLD} Angus AP-X Resonated Test Pipes 91-94 (Price Reduce) 91-94 Angus AP-X Resonated Test Pipes. PRICE: $old PLEASE contact me at [email protected]. I will return to Prime weekly to check PMs since parts are for sale, but I do not plan to check daily.
  2. Nero Tenebre

    Forced Induction Angus AP-X Single Turbo Kit with Precision Turbo

    Selling my customized Angus/APX turbo kit which I originally purchased from a local friend who sold his car very soon after installing it, but he had a 92 so I had to refabricate the Y pipe collector to match my 95 with comptech headers. I don't remember all the exhaust configurations but I'm...
  3. Splinter

    Angus AP-X NA Exhaust - FREE Shipping

    Hi Guys, Returned my car to stock in preparation for sale so my AP-X exhaust is now for sale. It has less than 2,500 miles on it and it is in really good shape. It was fitted onto my 2003 so it has the SOS adapter kit ($229.00 plus shipping new) already on it for easy bolt on fitment to any...
  4. pingu81

    Review: Angus AP-X Exhaust

    I bought this exhaust a few months ago but finally got a chance to install it. I installed it in my driveway by myself with only the use of a ghetto Wal-Mart jack (previous one actually started leaking so I got a replacement), 4 jack stands and miscellaneous common wrenches. The whole process...