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Forced Induction Angus AP-X Single Turbo Kit with Precision Turbo

16 December 2006
Selling my customized Angus/APX turbo kit which I originally purchased from a local friend who sold his car very soon after installing it, but he had a 92 so I had to refabricate the Y pipe collector to match my 95 with comptech headers. I don't remember all the exhaust configurations but I'm including pics so you can verify the configuration for yourself with your car (if it doesn't match it's easy and cheap to get it done at a muffler shop anyway). I also upgraded the blow off valve to a reliable Tial (base kit uses HKS) and slightly changed the path of the intake charge side piping and air filter on the advice of my tuner but it's hardly consequential anyway since it's under the car and you can't really see it.
I made over 550whp and 400ftlbs of torque on E85 with this setup and that was conservative as the turbo spec is capable of 700whp (with additional supporting traction, fueling, and cooling mods of course). The car's power to weight ratio is thrilling and you will blow away cars with far more power! In my opinion, this is the most transformative mod for the NSX which gives it the power and speed the car always deserved. The value proposition or bang-for-buck is there too, considering what other forced induction options cost.
You would just need a few things like engine management, injectors, fuel pump, etc. since those will be reused for my future twin turbo setup, and these parts should be specific to your power goals anyway so you can tailor your selections. I will be including my custom made quad exhaust setup with Borla muffler (Angus' Borla exhaust is a $1,000 add-option) but I never verified if the tips fit the oem valence or not (easy swap to single tips if necessary, though not included). I only removed the kit because my piston rings started to fail running that much power and pressure. The kit has only about a year of usage on it. Happy to answer any questions you may have.

$6,000 OBO


Bump, I would also be able to point you in the direction of some nice used injectors and engine management to complete the kit, for half the price of new! Basically for $6000 you could have a full turbo kit and take it to your tuner. :eek:
2018 Update

2018 UPDATE:

After basically having sold this, I went to round up the parts for shipping and realized that my shop had lost my original Precision Gen 1 Journal bearing turbo and cradle frame so I don't have them anymore.

So, I will sell this kit with the brand new in box upgrade replacement turbo I had planned/purchased: a Precision GEN 2 PT6062 CEA Turbo which has much higher efficiency and much faster transient response/spool rate ($1,750 turbo).
The compressor wheel is billet not cast, and it uses ball bearings not journal bearings in the Gen 2 so it is a much better, more advanced turbo than the basic $1000 one that the kit comes with.

This picture is the everything included in the sale. I am including one Borla exhaust system, an AEM wideband sensor with it, sensor bungs welded on each leg of the Y Pipe turbo manifold, new turbo blanket, an oil catch can, and XS manual boost controller with the kit. You will need an air filter element, a cradle with bracket, and possibly to change exhaust tips since I don't have an OEM valence to check fitment. All of these are cheap and easy items, I just have my car back together already so I can't go back and do them for you.

Everything included in this kit is more than $8,500 new. Kit is priced at $6,500 with new gen2 ball bearing turbo and other additions.


BUMP. Will look at trades for ?

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I already have 2050x injectors, fuel pump and Infuniti 6 AEM. Just port and polish heads install SOS springs and retainers webcam camshafts and Exedy Clutch. So i should be almost ready to roll. Right??

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